The Blues Kitchen – Time to get your caveman on

The Blues Kitchen
111-113 Camden High St




I love meat – pig, chicken, deer, cow and evidently, even horse as I found out earlier this year (thanks Tesco). You name it, yup I’m up for it, especially BBQ and smoked meat. There is just something about the smell of it wafting in the air which is just so satisfying. Dang if I could, I’d capture it in a bottle and use it as air freshener (or cologne – I’d be the most popular guy in the room). Luckily for me, I have friends who feel the same way – not many but enough – and so began our search for the biggest meatfest we could get our carnivorous hands on. This brought us to Camden and The Blues Kitchen, home of the “Dino Ribs”.


These ribs, which take an astounding 24 hours to cook, are apparently obtained from bovine but you could’ve fooled me. Each individual rib was the length of a forearm and packed with at least 2kgs of protein.


Easy right? If that doesn’t sound like enough, I should mention that each platter has 3 of these monsters…for “2 people” apparently…


Still not scared? Well then I should also mention that you get a choice of slaw, sweet potato fries, chips or onion rings with the meal though I think they should also add “sick bag” to the list.

265 266 BK267

This is an epic meal of prehistoric portions which requires a perfect team effort to even come close to completing. In the event that you do though – protein, sides and all – you are handsomely rewarded with a drink on the house. Where you find space to put that drink though, that’s up to you.


If you’re completely insane, Blues also serve up mighty fine desserts such as the strawberry cheesecake below (note, we shared this one piece between 6 grown men…and we still couldn’t finish it…oh the shame).


Taking a step back from the shock of the platter placed in front of me, I have to say that the meat itself was well cooked and very delicious. Cooking any piece of meat of this magnitude is a difficult task but Blues did a sterling job – the meat was well spiced from the rub, tender and fell away from the bone with ease – and as far as edible meat goes (there was quite a bit of fat on the rib), finishing the ribs was actually manageable. The sides though? That’s a different story. I barely touched them as I was already having trouble standing from the meat alone. They looked pretty though but by then, my meat goggles were already well into their advanced stages – I know this because I am pretty sure I tried to chat up a bar stool.


If you’re a self-confessed carnivore out to fill a hunger hole, definitely make your way here as soon as you possibility can but be warned, you need to pre-order at least a day in advance and even then, they are not always available so make sure you call ahead to avoid disappointment. In saying that, Blues do have a fantastic menu of alternatives on offer so your disappointment will be short-lived which might actually be a blessing in disguise because trust me, once the novelty of the Dino Ribs wear off, you are soon confronted with the daunting task of having to finish it – a challenge not for the faint-hearted. Be warned my friends. Be warned.


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