Dishoom – Take 2 feat. Ginger Pig

12 Upper St Martin’s Lane


For the 2 or 3 avid ‘We Try Kai’ readers out there, you may recall a little post we did on Dishoom back in July (titled “Dishoom – I may have just stumbled across the best bacon sarnie in London”). If we didn’t make it clear enough back then, let me clarify now, WE LOVE OUR BACON NAAN!


So on this day, the last of B’s 3 year European adventure, it seemed only fitting that the WTK family ended it on a high note at the place where, in our opinion, served the best tasting and bang-for-buck breakfast in town.

It was a quiet Sunday morning in Covent Garden. I’m not sure why I was surprised given that we were up and about at 9:30am (note to self, Sunday’s should never start this early going forward). Maybe it was the lack of sleep clouding my judgement or maybe I was just delirious from the emotional rollercoaster I was on thinking about B’s impending departure. So. Many. Feelings. Best drown my sorrows with food….


Picking my way around the table, T ordered the akuri which is described on the menu as spicy scrambled eggs. It was served on flame-grilled toast and grilled vine tomatoes with chilli jam. Verdict: t’was good. Did it blow my mind? No, but it was as advertised. The chilli jam though is just so delicious, it makes anything special. I have no idea what is in it (maybe crack?) but it is fan-tang-stic. It’s like a chutney but fresher, less sickeningly sweet and with just enough kick to spark your interest. Hell yea!


I ordered the Full Bombay which is essentially the akuri dish but with a slice of back bacon and a thin Cumberland sausage. Once again, it met expectations. No complaints here.


Moving on, C got her customary egg naan roll which looked tasty enough. To be honest, I was completely distracted by the aroma of the fresh naan. That alone caused me to have severe food envy. Feedback from C was that it was as good as she remembered which must be pretty darn good because it disappeared quickly.

20131113-230540.jpg 20131113-230250.jpg

But really, all the above means nothing because we were all here for the main event – BACON NAAN BABY!!! Call it chance, call it fate but we came at a time when, in addition to the normal bacon naan on offer, Dishoom were also serving up a limited Ginger Pig version! What’s a boy to do when faced with this difficult decision? Surely you can’t order both right? Wrong – you order both and worry about the consequences later and nothing was stopping B today. The man was on a mission and I was right there with him as I ordered one of each myself….

The description on the menu of the bacon naan reads as follows: “Bacon Naan Roll – Freshly baked naan wrapped around char-striped back bacon direct from the  grill, with a most palatable combination of chilli tomato jam, cream cheese and herbs. Deserving of all its accolades.”. What else can I add to that apart from the fact that I completely agree that it deserves all its accolades and more? Get that in my face!


The Ginger Pig version was much the same composition (bacon, naan, cream cheese etc) but at the same time, so different and that is largely down to the quality of the meat. The pig used was streaky bacon, dry-cured for five days with rock salt and demerara sugar, then cold-smoked over oak chips and had a stronger, deeper and fuller flavour. Sounds divine? It completely was and just left you wanting another and another and another until you either a) ran out of funds; or b) feel into a naan coma. It was incredible and I can only hope they bring it back soon (or better yet, make it a permanent fixture).


After the high of breakfast, reality soon sunk in when I realised that the time had come to bid farewell to my flatmate, friend and WTK partner in crime. You are and will continue to be missed B but I and our readers look forward to your thoughts from the other side of the world.

Stay classy brother.



Dishoom on Urbanspoon Square Meal


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