Chosen Bun – They deliver burgers and satisfaction

Chosen Bun
647 Fulham Road


I don’t venture out to West London by tube very often. Any time I attempt to, I bail and the journey ends on the border of Zone 1 and 2. The main reason – the District Line. Oh the District Line, my old foe. How I shudder at the memories of our time together.

You see, I used to live in Putney which is (in)conveniently on the Wimbledon branch of the District Line. Only those who have lived (or do live) on this 8 stop segment of the Underground will understand the pain we have to go through. As if the District Line, with its trains dating back to what looks like the 80’s, isn’t slow enough, you have to contend with having to hop off at Earls Court to wait for your connecting tube; oh but wait, the next one isn’t coming for another 10 MINUTES (hey, 10 minutes is an eternity in Underground land)! What’s worse is that in that time, 2 trains to Kensington (Olympia) have come and gone…with no-one on them! KENSINGTON (OLYMPIA)?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! Unfortunately though, my destination on this night would be Fulham Broadway…


So with the scene now set, as you can imagine, I need a fair bit of convincing to venture out this way – and in Chosen Bun, I think I may have found it.

Chosen Bun only started trading in 2013 but has already established a reputation for serving great burgers and has gained a bit of a cult following along the way.


Tonight, T ordered “The Patty” (the standard burger) and I got “The Viking” (the cheeseburger with a choice of either American or Cheddar cheese – I went American) and we decided to settled down into one of the stools in-store. As luck would have it, a promotion was running which entitled us to a portion of their “Belgians” (triple cooked chips) each for doing so – ah yes thank you, you don’t have to tell me twice.

20131121-234015.jpg 20131121-234037.jpg

Having done some research into Chosen Bun off their own website (seriously with journalism of this calibre I should be writing for the Daily Mail), I got the sense that the guys had a lot of passion for not only their product, but also the way it was packaged – so much so that it was one of the inspirations behind Chosen Bun and the method is patented. This intrigued me as I had never really thought of packaging as a defining feature of my burger experience but when I saw it, I couldn’t help but appreciate the innovation – the burgers were double packed with a well ventilated inner casing hugging the burger, ensuring it kept its shape; which was then further encased within an equally ventilated traditional burger box whilst the chips were placed in a cylinder with breathing holes. What this allowed was produce to be delivered with a lower drop off in quality. Very clever. Makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of it earlier.

20131121-233951.jpg 20131121-233932.jpg

As far as the burgers go, they were very good burgers – the patty was cooked on the right side of medium and had a full beef taste. The caramelised onion and garlic chutney went down a treat and really enhanced the flavour of the overall product. Personally, I would recommend the Viking because the cheese adds another (tasty) dimension.


I have to admit though that the actual burger itself was a bit drier and leaner than others I’ve tried from established burger joints which I actually really enjoyed and made it a lot cleaner to eat. I asked Andy, one of the brain trust behind Chosen, what the mix of meat was and he understandably declined to comment – looks like I’ll just have to keep coming back for my fix.


The Belgians, tossed in rosemary salt, were delicious and crunchy as hell. T is an absolute chip fiend so when it comes to assessing chips, I usually trust her judgement. Verdict here was they were bloody good so they must’ve been pretty damn special.


Unfortunately, we didn’t try anything else on the menu on this visit but there is an impressive array of burgers, sides, puddings and moonshakes which will satisfy any palette out there. Be warned though that alcoholic drinks cannot be sold on site and must be delivered which I guess is the only real downer – only because the Vanilla, Caramel and Rum shake sounded so bloody good but we couldn’t get our mitts on one.


So it seems my prayers have at long last been answered – finally I have access to a decent burger without the need to leave the comforts of my couch. Only, wait what? They only deliver to SW10, SW3, SW5, SW6, SW7, W14, W6? Damn it. Maybe it’s a sign – District Line, I think it’s time we gave each other another chance? I love you…really…


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