Señor Ceviche – Bienvenida to Peru in Chelsea

Señor Ceviche
266 – 266a Fulham Road
SW10 9EL


Chelsea. What thoughts have just popped into your head? For me, I’m thinking Land Rovers, big houses, perfect families and people walking around which are just like those off “Made in Chelsea” – it’s on television so it has to be true. What? Television ISN’T always right? You mean there isn’t really a Sesame Street? My lord, my whole childhood has been a lie! I need to sit down for a bit…

[3 days later emerging from the corner of a dark room]

Right now that’s out of the way, let’s start again. Chelsea. What thoughts have just popped into your head? (Lets bypass the mental breakdown and get straight to the point…). I’m sure like me, quality Peruvian cuisine isn’t the first thing you think of but you absolutely should and here is why – Señor Ceviche’s temporary residency in Dukebox.


On Googling “Peruvian cuisine in London”, you’ll find that the reoccurring name out there is Coya (and rightly so) but what Señor Ceviche produces not only rivals Coya but does so at a fraction of the price.

Currently, the team are offering a 4 course set menu for £25 per head which sounds reasonable in itself but when you find out that they are serving tartar, cerviche, Peruvian chicken and a posset, it starts to feel like an absolute steal.


On this night, I dined in a party of six with one being a pescatarian which caused no issues for the kitchen though we made this fact known before our arrival. On the menu tonight was the Nikkei Tuna (Tuna tartar with yuzu, avocado and coriander), Señor Ceviche (Sea Bream and King Prawn ceviche with Aji Tiger’s milk and crispy squid), Super Chicken (Peruvian chicken with fritas and slaw – the pescatarian had fish) finished with Postre (passion fruit posset).

The Nikkei Tuna was just beautiful and bursting with flavour. Tuna was the perfect fish for this as it remained firm to the bite providing a nice texture to the dish and also had quite a full flavour which complemented the lime and buttery avocado well. My night was certainly off to a flying start.


Next up was the Señor Ceviche which I had high hopes for after the Nikkei and oh boy, I was not disappointed. The Aji Tiger milk provided a delicious creamy base which was enhanced by the tang from the lime. There was also funnily enough a hot kick to the dish but only enough to keep it interesting – and I was interested. The fried bits I found initially a little strange but they provided a nice contrast to an overall delicate dish.


The Super Chicken was next and as the name suggest, yea it was pretty bloody super. The course is served on a sharing platter with a base of Raw Slaw and triple cooked fritas topped with marinated Peruvian chicken with a delicious mayo-based condiment. This was taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty. The chicken was moist and seasoned well right to the bone, the chips were incredibly crunchy but fluffy on the inside and the slaw, in all its satay-peanut-buttery glory, was the perfect complement to the overall dish. My only grievance is that it was a sharing platter because the last thing I wanted to do was share…but mind your manners KS, you are in Chelsea afterall.


The pescatarian meal was served with the same sides but with a generous fillet of fish which was baked in its own juices – a nice alternative if that tickles your fancy.


Rounding it all off, the posset was rich and bursting with flavour – you didn’t need to read the menu to know that it was passion fruit based because that taste comes and slaps you on the face…hard. Once again, the dish had a nice little tang to creamy contrast which proved to be an excellent end to the meal.


This meal was really fantastic and at £25 a pop, was well worth the trip out West. The dishes made me want to stand up and do a little jig in delight and given we were in a nightclub, maybe that wouldn’t have come across weird (but knowing my dancing skills, it would’ve still been weird). Get here and check it out before it’s too late. You have every Thursday from now until December 19.



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