Burgermeister – worth a trip to Berlin

I was lazy in Germany, but teutonic efficiency is in the water over there, and Burgermeister is just that good.


I feel like I’d heard of it, but it was pure luck that led us to stumble across it. We just happened to be wandering the neighbourhood. Good job too. I wasn’t even particularly hungry, but I could hardly pass up an opportunity to taste quality hamburger (or at least I assumed it was going to be). It’s in an odd spot, essentially in a traffic island underneath the railway tracks, not that it detracts any from the flavour of the burger.


As you can see, it’s cooked a nice medium. The Germans have done well here – this is definitely in my top five. It’s juicy, meaty and generously seasoned. I went for the Bar-b-q burger, which was plenty tasty, but a rookie order. I need to learn to go past bacon. C’s Cheeseburger was the superior sandwich. It really is up there.


We decided to get amongst the Chilli Cheese Fries. We were not disappointed. I love that oozy artificial cheese, and the Chilli provided just the right heat to offset that cheesy tang. They’re good chips, but nothing special without the topping.


I love the space – it seems like their seats are always full, and people have to make do with any perch they can find. No-one seems to mind though. These burgers were so good, I convinced everyone to go back the next day for round two. If you’re going to Berlin, or even thinking about it, make sure you get along.




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