Apologies for the interruption


Two things:

1) Sorry for being a little slack with the posting recently. One of us was getting married and the other was holding the one’s hand to make sure he got to the church approved premise for civil marriage on time. Needless to say, Casa WeTryKai has been reminiscent of Heathrow for the last couple of weeks and we’ve had other things on our mind. But KS is married now, so we can get back to it. And putting up with the delay, here is a photo of KS annoying the bride on their special day:KS annoying

2) WeTryKai is going intercontinental. One half of us is relocating to New Zealand, meaning you can enjoy reviews of restaurants that are only 24 hours flight time away. To make up for distance though, we’ll try to bring you attempts to find and/or replicate the type of quality food we’ve grown to love in London. B is especially worried about the quality of antipodean burger offerings – look for it to be a focus.


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