The Tommyfield – an ode to your pies


We visit The Tommyfield quite regularly. I figured it wasn’t fair to miss them out just because they’re our local, so our latest visit saw the camera come out. They two two things well. Really well. They do good chips. but more importantly, they do really good pies. This isn’t the classic base and lid type that I grew up with in New Zealand. It’s more of a hearty, meaty turnover. A delicious, hearty, meaty turnover.


From what I understand, they’ve got a solid menu, but to be honest, I’ve never got past the grill board. They do steaks, fish and chips (grilled and fried) and a fairly decent burger. But pies. So many pies.

My standard is the Steak. It’s always good. Rich gravy, delicious chunks of steak, crisp pastry. It’s really good. I tend to go for the chips, because they’re top notch, whereas C prefers the mashed potato – which is also really good (especially with the generously portioned gravy). The chicken is good too. Particularly when there is bacon involved.

But on my latest visit, C and I decided to branch out into something different. Still pies but. Just something a little different inside. I picked the Springbok, C went for the Kangaroo. I was excited. This was every Kiwi’s dream – one over the Aussies and the Safas. Except it didn’t go so well this time. Both of them were nice and gamey, but they just weren’t a patch on the steak pies. The meat was just a litle chewy – perhaps that’s how Springbok and Kangaroo are supposed to be, but they didn’t set our world on fire. Then again, it may be that I’m just ruined by the steak pies.


Either way, you should go to The Tommyfield and order one of their steak pies. You’ll thank me.


The Tommyfield
185 Kennington Lane, Kennington, London SE11 4EZ

The Tommyfield on Urbanspoon Square Meal


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