Goodman (Mayfair) – I’m not sure I’ve had a better steak

So post number two of my birthday of eating took a little longer than expected – sorry about that.

Apparently, the staff at Goodman really know their steaks. They certainly seem to. As seems standard with these specialist steak places, we had the waitress come out with a board of uncooked steaks, explaining the characteristics of each. This has always seemed a little bit gimmicky to me, but it is a nice touch, even if they do seem to cut the display steaks a little more generously than the ones you order.


In addition to the standard menu steaks, Goodman cuts their own steaks daily in some larger styles. You can find these offerings on the blackboard. With only two of us at dinner, and C’s preference for well done steak, we were staying clear of the blackboard options.


C went for the fillet steak, while I opted for the Goodman Rib Eye – the steak that they consider their signature. Figuring I should take advantage of the better steak knowledge, I asked the waiter how he would have the steak. He steered me away from my standard Medium-Rare towards Medium. He was right – It was perfect. A delicious char, pink centre, and delightfully rendered fat. I’m not normally one for fat on meat, but I was making sure I devoured each an every piece of Goodman magic. This was, quite honestly, one of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten.


Oh, and Goodman Truffle Chips are amazing! Especially when you dip them in their delicious Bernaise. Crispy, salty, moreish – you couldn’t ask for anything more.

If there’s one complaint I could make about Goodman, is that not all customers are created equal. It might have been just bad luck that we were seated next to some investors/big spenders/hedge fund managers, but the level of service was notably different. Now, I’m not down on wait staff coming to have a chat to regulars, but when that happens at the expense of other customers, it can get a little frustrating. Overall, the waiters were top-notch (the chap that we assumed was in charge was particularly friendly and knowledgeable), but C had to ask more than once for the wait staff to take orders, bring water etc. Some food for thought.

For dessert, my Apple and Pear Crumble was lovely, but if anything, I think the pear took away from the apple – its flavour is just too subtle and was somewhat overpowered by the ginger ice cream.


On the whole, Goodman was excellent, but the steak being as good as it was and the staff clearly being well-trained and perfectly lovely, I feel like they let themselves down a little. It won’t stop me going back, but I hope I’m not seated next to the high rollers next time.



24-26 Maddox St,
London W1S 1QH

Goodman on Urbanspoon Square Meal


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