Honest Burger – Any excuse

Honest Burger is a favourite, so it seems like a bit of a cheat to review it, but I went, and it seems a shame not to talk about it.

Honest Burger consistently delivers quality burgers at a pretty good price. We rocked up to the Soho branch just before six (which was fortuitous, seeing as the line was starting to grow by the time we left). They turn things over quick at Honest Burger, but I’ve never felt rushed.


I ordered the regular – the Honest Burger. I can’t go past the classic cheese and bacon. C went in a different direction (a distictly vege one) with the Fritter (Cauliflower, Sweetcorn, Shallots, Spices, Coriander and Cucumber Yoghurt).


The Fritter is plenty tasty, with just enough spice to keep things interesting. Just one criticism, it could do with a little more of the yoghurt – it was perhaps a little on the dry side. The drier bun works better with a moist beef burger, but with the Fritter, things are just a little too arid – even with the tasty home-made lemonade (though I’m confused about this “home-made” thing. Does someone have to make it at their house before bring it to work?).


The Honest Burger arrived at the table like an old friend. We met down in Brixton and spent many a good time there. Sometimes he’d make me wait, but he’d always show me a good time. More recently, we’ve started hanging out in Soho. It’s still great, even if it is a little different, and he doesn’t make me wait as long. The only problem is, I’ve been hanging out with other burgers recently, and Honest just isn’t as much fun anymore. He’s still dependable, but he’s dropped down the pecking order a little. Maybe it was just a bad day? Maybe Brixton’s more his style?

I should probably provide some detail. Cryptic doesn’t help anyone. On this occasion, the bun was a little drier than I remember, and the patty was a little less moist and flavourful. I was still biting into a delightfully pink burger, the bacon was still deliciously salty, and the cheese was still bringing the whole thing together, but it didn’t pop like the previous ones I’ve eaten. The more I think about it (and write about it) the more I think it must have been an off day. More visits to hang with Honest to test this hypothesis will be forthcoming.


On the (very) plus side, the Fries at Honest Burger are top of the pile. Rosemary salt is inspired, and the fact that they come with your burger means you’re sitting right at the junction of quality and value for money. Me and Honest remain firm friends, but perhaps my feelings on this occasion are compounded by the fact that the market is becoming a little saturated, and that there are more and more bloody good burgers out there. Everyone (even some of the pioneers) needs to lift their game.

Honest Burgers on Urbanspoon Square Meal


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