The Pig and Butcher – Scotch Eggs: Who knew?

I have the Pig and Butcher (and @alondonaday) to thank for breaking my 30+ year Scotch Egg duck. I’d seen them before, sitting in deli cabinets – tiny balls of disgustingness. I knew they had hard-boiled eggs inside (I don’t understand the point of hard-boiled eggs – what a waste). I knew the eggs were surrounded by some sort of sausage meat. I didn’t know that the combination could be delicious (and before you start with “why are you surprised? Why do you think there’s such a market for them?” Briefly: there is a market for Pork Pies and they’re so very wrong.)


This particular scotch egg had an additional extra – Black pudding. Black pudding is one of those things that sounds so wrong and yet is so very, very right. The scotch eggs went so fast, I didn’t have time to take a photo, but I managed to catch a shot of the plate at the bar (next to some tasty looking sausage rolls – need to get back to try those). Needless to say, I’m now a (at least partial) convert.

These guys get whole carcasses in and butcher on site. Which means you know you’re going to get fresh food and that they (should) know what they’re doing. At the Pig and Butcher, this appears to be the case.


After dominating the scotch eggs, I opted for the 35-day Angus Sirloin, while others picked up the Chart Farm Venison (complete with Dorset Snails, which were actually delicious – none of that Parisian tourist trap muck here), and the blackface lamb leg (which prompted some sadness at the thought of a cute little blackface lamb making its way from field to plate).


My steak was lovely, but didn’t blow me away. Though the accompanying Double-Dipped Chips were sensationally crispy. As mentioned, the Venison and snails were fresh and deliciously pink (the Venison, not the snails). The lamb was very tasty, with the rolled glazed breast a particular highlight.  I won’t spend too much time on the specific dishes though, because these guys change their menu all the time. Suffice to say that they do fresh food and they do it well. It’s not flashy, but it is good.


Having said that, I am going to campaign for the return of one of their desserts. The Pig and Butcher gave me the best Apple and Rhubarb Crumble I’ve ever eaten. Scratch that, the best crumble I’ve ever eaten. The fruit was just right – sweet yet tangy. Just the way I like it. But the crumble… Oh the crumble. I’m not sure how they made it, but I want the recipe. It was like eating crumbly, biscuity, white-chocolatey perfection. I suspect the white chocolate flavour came from a lots and lots of butter-fat, but however they did it, it was genius. I will now spend the rest of my dessert-making days trying to replicate it.


The Parkin was good too, But I couldn’t really concentrate at that point. I cannot see the crumble on the current menu, so I suspect that, before going back, I’ll have to start a campaign for its return.


The Pig and Butcher

80 Liverpool Rd,
N1 0QD

Pig and Butcher on Urbanspoon


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