The Riding House Cafe – Chorizo hash = win

Riding House Cafe

43-51 Great Titchfield St



Post #1 of the birthday feasting duo (I wanted so very much to make this a trilogy, but popcorn at the theatre just doesn’t cut it as an eating out experience). I’d heard good things about the Riding House, and figured it would be worth a try,


I was a little thrown by the taxidermy squirrels, while C needed significant comforting (she carries monkey nuts on her at all times in case of squirrel encounters).  The rest of the decor was very pleasant – perhaps they felt the need to shake things up again.


At first glance, I wasn’t overly enamoured with the breakfast menu. It had all the standards, Eggs Benedict/Florentine/Royale, Full (& proper) Breakfast, Scrambles, Fruits, Pancakes, but nothing was screaming “ORDER ME!” I even looked at the lunch menu, despite being there an hour before it started. And then I saw it.  How did I miss something as delicious-sounding as “Chorizo Hash Browns with mushrooms and poached egg”? C grabbed the buttermilk pancakes (berries, vanilla clotted cream, maple syrup) and we decided to share the seasonal fruit plate (honey, yoghurt). Oh, and I got a side of bacon, because it was my birthday and I’m allowed.


Needing something to wash it down, we hit up the juices. I opted for a Tricycle (Apple, Cucumber, Mint) and C went for the Stabiliser (Orange, Lemon, Lime, Elderflower).


And then it arrived. The stack started with hash, added height with a big ol’ field mushroom and peaked with two perfectly formed poached eggs. The Chorizo added just enough spice to the combo to keep me very satisfied. I did get myself a side of Hollandaise (again, my birthday), which I would argue was essential. I feel like the dish would have been a little dry without it. With it – perfect.

C’s buttermilk pancakes were top notch. A little bit of crisp around the edges compared nicely with the soft fluffy centre. The vanilla clotted cream was heaven, particularly when paired with the strawberry (Note to Riding House Cafe – perhaps a little more generous with the Strawbs).

The fruit plate was a nice little palate cleanser to finish the thing off. I mean, it was just cut fruit, but it was fresh, and the honey was nice and runny, so…


Oh, my side of bacon you ask? Generous and cooked just too my liking, no chewy, anaemic cured meats here. Wonderfully crispy streaky – perfect with the last bit of leftover maple syrup.

Riding House Cafe: it’s worth the hype. Plus, if you get the chance, go for a weekday breakfast – the Chorizo Hash is £2 cheaper than on the weekend (£9 plays £11).


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