Almost Famous – Mancunian Godsend

Almost Famous

Pop up Summer Beach Bar

Great Northern Square M3 4EJ


Almost Famous beach bar

I’m in Manchester, it’s about 1pm on Friday and I’m on my way to the station for a train to London. I’m hanging. Badly – curse you work party. I’m in serious need for some regenerative lard. I even contemplated Macdonalds (only contemplated mind…).

I walk towards the office exit, resigned to assuage the churn in my gut with production-line pink slime… And then I’m saved. Saved by an angel of a co-worker who picked exactly the right moment to wax lyrical about the delicious burger she had just eaten. What’s more, their pop-up is on my way to the station. This must be fate. (Note that the pop exists, at least in part, due to a fire at their Northern Quarter restaurant – kudos for being troopers guys).

I approached with care – mostly because it was proving a little hard to focus after last night’s libations. And still the sun shone down upon Manchester. And it was unexpected. And it was good.

Burger whole

In anticipation of 2 hours and change on the train, I kept it simple. No fries, just burger – The Famous: “Double cheeseburger salad stack famous sauce chipotle ketchup pickle” (I think someone has used all of Manchester’s commas). Service was friendly, and I quietly waited for my offering to Bacchanalian after-effects to be delivered.

Burger bite

Unlike its foreign cousin (see Five Guys) this burger’s arrival did not disappoint.  Its twin patties were plenty juicy, with more than enough beefy punch to slake my desire for tasty grease, Salads were fresh, but I would have liked a little bit more pickle – a few bites were bereft. The ubiquitous brioche bun held together nicely, with just enough sweet to set off the rest. It’s probably a good thing I’m not up in Manchester too often, because this pop-up is altogether too close to the office, and a burger a day would not help with the summer waistline.


Square Meal


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