Maltby Street Market – It delivers

Maltby Street Market (Ropewalk? I’m confused)

41 Maltby Street

London, SE1 3PA


KS would not stop screaming about this place – it was like I’d woken up in his rec room. So C and I took a wander up to see what the fuss was all about.  In addition to the walk, I’d taken the strategic decision to skip breakfast (Not all of us can eat like KS).


After running (walking) the gauntlet, i decided to hit up the thing that looked the most appetising (makes sense) – the #dirtyporker at Chef Grant Hawthorne’s African Volcano stall.  This is his pulled pork offering, which caught my eye because of what appeared to be a variation on a french-dip. The top bun sat in the pan with the pork, soaking up the rich gravy, while salad, pulled pork and just enough peri-peri sauce were assembled on the bottom half of the bun. The top of the bun finished what looked like pure quality in a (even the bread is peri-peri) roll. The first bite confirmed everything I’d suspected. We’re onto a winner. I’m talking, rich, tender and with just enough heat from the peri-peri sauce to really set the whole thing off.


Meantime, C had spotted a personal favourite – the Brisket on Brioche with rarebit, onion confit and horseradish from Market Gourmet. It doesn’t have the visual appeal of the porker (but then she doesn’t eat pork… so…), but the combination intrigued – I love a good bit of rarebit, and how can you go wrong by adding brisket. Again, the promise from the description was not false;  what little I got to taste was a true delight. Though if I could offer any criticism, I’d personally pump up the cheese flavour a little – it got a little lost behind the heat of the horseradish.


And oh happy day, we still had room for a Hoxton Beach falafel wrap. I’m a bit of a regular at the Goodge Street stall, and their particular brand of crisp falafel, sharp pickle taste and a few extras (tabbouleh, spiced potato) filled most of what room remained.


But there was still room for one more highlight. C was jonesing for some sugar and spied mention of salted caramel on La Gelateria’s menu. Boy was it good – I see so many promises of salted caramel, but many of them forget the “salted” part. This was the perfect combination of sweet and salty, with a light salt after-taste.



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