Dishoom – I may have just stumbled across the best bacon sarnie in London

12 Upper St Martin’s Lane
I walked in to Dishoom with more than a healthy dose of cynicism. I’m a fan of a savoury breakfast, but I wasn’t sure whether turmeric was my breakfast style… I was to be proved very (happily) wrong.
We started with the Bun Maska – which is confusingly Iranian, but tasty nonetheless. Sure, it’s simple, it’s a plain white, lightly toasted roll filled with chilled butter. You take the roll, dip it in your sweet chai, and devour. It didn’t set my world on fire, but I’d definitely order it again.
Because the prices were so low (for Covent Garden anyway), I assumed that the offerings would be on the smaller side, so C and I ordered the Omelette, the Egg Naan roll and the Bacon Naan roll. We were wrong about the serving size – they were more than generous.
To start with the Omelette… it was an omelette. Nothing particularly exciting – I wouldn’t go there again. This was also the first appearance of the chilli tomato jam, which was to be a theme. Unfortunately, it didn’t do much for the omelette. On the upside, the vine-grilled tomatoes did shine. Delicious.
But on to the main event: Oh Boy! I love a bacon sandwich, but often find myself wanting more. The bread’s too dry, the bacon’s too fatty, the sauce is wrong (I’m not an HP purist)… This bacon sarnie – perfection? Near enough. This was a perfect combination of Naan (I love Naan), char-grilled bacon, chiili tomato jam, cream cheese and a sprinkling of fresh parsley – party in my mouth! The combination of heat from the chilli, tang from the cream cheese and the full smoky taste of bacony goodness pole-vaulted my expectations. BUY IT! It’s only £3.70. If I worked nearer, I’d become a regular feature. They’d have to kick me out.
C’s Egg Naan was tasty, but it didn’t blow my socks off like the bacon roll did. Maybe because it was missing bacon. Rookie error.
We washed everything down with a couple of Lassi. C’s breakfast Lassi was a little odd – a little too much of the cardamom? But my Mango Lassi was delightful.
More importantly. BACON NAAN ROLL!

Dishoom on Urbanspoon Square Meal


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