Bush Hall Dining Rooms – Go West young man

Bush Hall Dining Rooms

304 Uxbridge Road


W12 7LJ


We all have role models on which we base some aspect of our life. Sometimes they turn out pretty cringe (like when I tried to be like Dr. Dre in the late 90’s/early 00’s) but other times, it works out quite well. Currently, I’m feeling pretty pleased with my food blogging largely because I have been inspired by one Miss Grace Dent. Needless to say she is a great writer but she is also extremely funny, witty and is able to connect with the reader to make her pieces seem all the more personal. Google her name and find a few of her articles if you feel like a chuckle or pick up an ES magazine on Fridays. Pure class. Being a fan, when she says something, I tend to listen, so when she recently gave Bush Hall Dining Rooms a strong endorsement, I figured that should probably be a place I pay a visit and so I did for a Sunday brunch.


I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t go to the wild West London very often and Shepherds Bush is a foreign land to me. I might make the odd visit or two every year but that is either because 1) I’m going to the Westfield; or 2) I’ve fallen asleep on the tube. So while walking down Uxbridge Road in all its chicken shop and watermelon mini-mart selling (seriously, it seemed like every shop was only selling watermelon) glory, I was thinking “Grace, this had better be good. I woke up at 9am on a Sunday for this…”. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, it sprung up. It’s hard not to notice Bush Hall as its decor compared to the surrounding neighbours makes it stick out like a sore thumb. The place, decorated in (funnily enough) an old dining hall style, has a lot of character and though the fit out was seemingly simple, it was evident a lot of thought had gone into it. Very cool.


I sat down and immediately ordered a flat white because Lord knows I needed one. No skinny milk today but the waitress was kind enough to offer to buy some which was a nice touch. On this occasion though, I decided to puff up my chest, pick up my balls and boldly proclaim that being a man, I will brave the whole milk! My table was politely impressed; the other patrons, I don’t want to know. Note: coffee was goooood.


Having now gained some serious street cred with the waitress, we proceeded to place our orders of kedgeree, a vegetarian English breakfast and an eggs Florentine with an English muffin on the side. I was curious by the homemade baked beans as it was noted as “not suitable for vegetarians” but was sadly informed that this was not available on this day. Next time.

The kedgeree I thought was very intriguing and a lot saucier than others I’ve had before. The flavour from the smoked fish (haddock if I had to guess) came through strong and the overall dish was spiced very well (it was aromatic as opposed to hot spice). Providing lemon with the dish to add to your liking is the perfect way to serve it. Good dish with a nice taste but my personal preference is for a drier kedgeree with a bit of a kick.


The vegetarian English breakfast doesn’t really leave much scope to be imaginative but what was served was cooked and presented well. A plate with 2 fried eggs, grilled Portobello mushroom, baked beans, roasted tomato, spinach and toast isn’t going to necessarily make anyone’s day but it could ruin it if it turned out badly. A solid safe dish all round if you’re a traditionalist.


I can speak of the egg Florentine in the same vein. You only really notice it when it goes bad right? You wouldn’t order something like this if you wanted to have your mind blown. But overall, it was a great dish. The hollandaise sauce was deliciously creamy and tangy but most importantly, not sickly rich. Eggs were poached just right for me (just slightly cooked but still runny) but personal preference on that one. Muffin, yum. Soft, bouncy and toasted. Ace.


Verdict, it was a top meal all round. The decor was great and the staff were fantastic, really paying attention to what was going on. Food tasted excellent and was well presented; I can’t really fault the flavours of the dishes at all with comments only reflecting personal preference of their texture. If you live out in west London, pay these guys a visit. They are a real gem in the area and here’s hoping the beginning of a movement in the vicinity.


Square Meal


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