KERB does Peckham – Things are getting serious down in SE15

KERB does Peckham

Bussey Building

Carpark 1

133 Copeland Road


SE15 3SN


It’s the 19th of July and another warm summer’s night. My quest to enjoy every ounce of this warm weather before it decides to move on has brought me tonight to the Kia Oval to watch my “home” team Surrey play Hampshire. I’m told it’s meant to be a good game with the likelihood of Surrey winning high given they are at the top of the table. Buoyed by the prospects of supporting a winning cricket team (as sadly, I grew up supporting New Zealand…), I was looking forward to a night of great weather, refreshments and a bit of that winning feeling. Well, I got the weather, the food was surprisingly good (for more on this, head over to B’s commentary “Burgers at the Oval”) so I guess asking for a Surrey win was going a step too far. What I saw was a pure demolition but I was consoled by the fact that this meant that Ricky Ponting, playing for Surrey, lost. Silver lining people. Just give me this one.

Having just witnessed first-hand the brutal dismantling of the team I am a loyal supporter of (for all of 1 game), as you can imagine I was feeling extremely emotional and it’s at times like this where I find comfort in food (any excuse). So I jumped on the 436 outside the Oval tube and set off for an adventure down to SE15 for KERB does Peckham.


For those not familiar with KERB, this is the brain child of one Petra Barran, a street food veteran who is currently on a mission to introduce quality street food to the people of London by making it more accessible. She has already been able to organise regular pop-up spaces in Kings Cross and under the Gherkin in the City but still has grander plans in mind just like this. Remember the name because you’ll be hearing it a lot more in the future.


KERB does Peckham followed the same formula which has made all their other events a success; find a great space, fill it to the brim with great food offerings, throw on some top-notch entertainment then just sit back and let the party begin.

The food traders present read like a who’s-who of street food: You Doughnut, Bao, Kimchinary, Fleisch Mob and Tongue ‘n Cheek to name a few. It’s nights like this you wish you could eat everything but alas, we all have our limits and after some lengthy snooping, I finally settled on my choices for the night; a mixed box from Miss P’s Barbecue and a lamb wrap from Baba G’s.

Miss P’s is relatively new to the street food scene but boy are they making an entrance. Specialising in BBQ and smoked produce, their meat is taking London by storm, regularly selling out regardless of where they set up. They have recently purchased a new smoker to deal with demand and it’s proving to be a wise investment (especially for me as it meant I didn’t miss out!). On this night, I had the mixed box which comprised a portion of their beautiful smoked pork, grilled catfish and homemade slaw. It was heaven. The pork was bursting with flavour and juicy as hell. If that wasn’t enough, it was topped off with some of Miss P’s secret BBQ sauce which is legit. The catfish was divine. Grilled to perfection, topped with a chilli, oregano and thyme paste and finished off with some fresh lime juice. Damn…I honestly have nothing else to say. The slaw was the perfect complement to the two proteins providing a bit of balance and sweetness. Do what you can to find these guys. You won’t be disappointed.


On the flip side, Baba G’s is a very well established presence on the street food scene and has been serving up delicious curried lamb wraps (among other things) since I can remember. These guys have always been a personal favourite of mine as lamb is still quite a rare find amongst existing traders which I think is a disappointment but these guys certainly are not. I can honestly say every time I’ve walked away from these guys, I’ve done so knowing I’ve made a good decision. The combination of fresh salad, salsa and perfectly spiced lamb with a yogurt sauce is absolutely off the hook. These guys are one of my top recommendations especially if you’re a fan of lamb.


So by now, if you’re like me, you need a new top because you’ve been drooling and yes it’s bad news that the 19th of July now only lives on in our memories and this blog. The good news though is that KERB is doing Peckham again on the 2nd of August and entry is still completely free! So what’s your excuse then?




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