Dickens Inn – redefining “carbo-loading” one pizza at a time

Dickens Inn

Marble Quay

Saint Katharine’s Way



Those who are familiar with me know that I’m always up for checking out London’s more low-key areas (if such a place exists!). There is little doubt that this great city is now “home” and I feel that given this is the case, I have an obligation to get to know her better. I applied this same logic to my current relationship and it’s working out quite well (until she reads this blog anyway…). So with this in mind, when a couple of friends recently asked me if I would like to meet up for dinner at Dickens Inn in St Katherine’s dock, I didn’t need much convincing. To be fair, they could’ve asked me to go anywhere so long as there was the promise of either a) good food or b) large quantities of it. What Mark had in mind though covered both of these criteria.


Set in the shadow of Tower Bridge, we entered the Pizzeria, located on the second floor of the Dickens Inn, with the intention of tackling a “Beast” pizza between the 3 of us. What is a “Beast” you ask? An understated 18 slice carb behemoth that isn’t served to the table on a plate but instead in a basket cradled like a baby because it could’ve been one. Having been informed of this, I was extremely pleased I ended up having a light lunch that day, a rare but timely occurrence.


We decided to go for toppings of parma ham, tomato and rocket, a classic combination to say the least but with a meal of this proportion, I think sticking with what you know is a wise decision. I was already surprised enough by the size of the pizza. Couple that with the amount of carbs I was about to ingest and you have the recipe for a heart attack.


We all know the proverb, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” but not many the lesser known follow-up “You can however, lead an Oriental boy to a restaurant and watch him eat”. We got stuck into the pizza thick and fast, partly out of necessity but mostly because the thing looked so damn delicious!


In short, the pizza was delicious and incredibly well cooked for a dish of its size. All too often you see these “super-sized” dishes which just become an utter disappointment because cooking them evenly becomes impossible. No issues here though. The base was fresh fresh fresh, rolled thin crust and offered some nice resistance when bitten into (just the way I like it). Ingredients were top-notch and generous, offering great dough to toppings coverage. Add to this some chilli oil and parmesan cheese which accompanied the pizza and that’s a meal done. I sure as hell was afterwards.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go for a run (or a carb coma…).


Dickens Inn on Urbanspoon Square Meal


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