Burgers at the Oval – not half bad

After three years living less than a mile from the Oval, I finally got the chance to watch some cricket. With Hampshire putting Surrey to the sword in the background and punters resorting to making cup towers to hide their disappointment, we decided to brave the hospitality.

Beer Cup Tower

Early signs were not good. First, I had to overcome my natural skepticism… and that was before I saw the price. I’m happy to pay £10 for top of the line burger and chips, but from sports venue catering? My spirits lifted slightly at the sight of BBQ and burger sauce, but still, I wasn’t expecting much. I was to be pleasantly surprised.

Oval Burger

It started with the bun. We’re not talking a light Brioche, this was a solid, almost Ciabatta-like consistency. If I could criticise it at all, it would be to say there was perhaps too much of it, the first few bites were predominantly bread, but once I got there, I wasn’t going back. Light on fillings, the bun contained lettuce, tomato, a cheese slice, and a surprisingly tasty burger patty. It’s not up there with the best burgers I’ve ever eaten, but it soared past my expectations, leaving me happy, and ready to sink a few more pints while my home team stuttered to a seven wicket defeat.

Oval burger bite



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