Bathrooms matter. They matter.

This blog is about food and drink and the experience of the place.  Part of the experience is what the lavvy is like.  The lavvy?!  My theory is that an eatery can never receive the gold award if the toilet is, well, shit.  I imagine that the regular eateries that you, dear reader, will frequent will not be Nobu or The Savoy so you can drop the expectation of a golden toilet and a former B-list celeb as your attendant.

But when you are on your mid-week third date with the girl or guy you hope to make breakfast for in in the near future, you want to increase the chances of that fourth date.  And it will not happen if you take them to an eatery where the toilets are so rancid they vomit at best or pick up some sort of disease that they blame you and your poor hygiene on at worst.  So heed my words of toilet wisdom and take it on board when considering the food and drink.  Who knows?  If the bog is of sound quality, it could be the scene for that cheeky fourth “date”.


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