Skate – Cause being on your feet is just too easy


West Handyside Canopy

Goods Way




A Wednesday summer’s night post work. It’s warm. Too warm. I knew I should’ve gone home first but it’s too late. I’ll just have to keep my City uniform on a bit longer. Maybe I’ll rebel and take my tie off. Wait no, what if someone sees me? Screw it I can’t take it any longer I feel like the Human Torch (but less cut…damn you Chris Evans. Damn you.).

After an uneventful day at work, I made my way up to Kings Cross to breathe some excitement back into life. Figuring B was probably in the same situation (we are cool I promise. Sometimes), I picked him up on the way.

The changes to the venue (which sits just beside the University of the Arts London in Granary Square) caught us a little by surprise. In what was formerly nothing more than a car park (and that is being kind) now stood what is best described as a “Rollerball”/”Beyond the Thunderdome”/”Barbarella” mash-up.


Needless to say, we had not yet consumed enough liquid courage to attempt life on four wheels and our attentions quickly turned towards the menu.

The proprietors have kept the menu simple: burgers are the main event, (beef or vegetarian), with a few sides/smaller bites – wings (hot or sticky), chips, and crispy pig skin popcorn. Despite the simplicity, it all proved too much for me and I went ahead and ordered one of everything. I don’t regret it one bit.


While waiting for the main event, we worked up an appetite on the crispy pig skin popcorn. With a name of such promise, conjuring up thoughts of a lightly popped crackling of sorts, what arrived (popcorn with a bacon dry rub and an occasional nugget of crackling) provided to be slightly gimmicky and disappointing. Though tasty in its own right, it didn’t live up to expectations. Further, we were a little confused about their purpose – they didn’t fit with the rest of the top quality menu.


It wasn’t long though before the mains arrived and the real party began. After taking the obligatory pictures (standard behaviour these days it seems for bloggers and non-bloggers alike), we starting tucking into the Disco Wings.

image_4  image_5

The wings were both soaked in buttermilk before being fried to perfection. Both were tasty, but the hot (with a sauce akin to buffalo) proved a better choice than the sticky (which for Chinese food enthusiasts tasted remarkable similar to lemon chicken…).

It wasn’t long though before our appetites demanded something more substantial and we duly moved onto the highlights of the meal.

Having tried a Carl Clarke burger creation before at Disco Bristo EC4, my expectations were high and the Roller Disco Burger certainly did not disappoint. The rare breed beef patty was insanely juicy and the brioche bun was just buttery goodness. There is no real overpowering taste on first bite and the flavours continue to develop with each chew. The real winner in this though is the pineapple bacon jam – it’s so good it should be illegal. This burger was B’s choice for the night and I don’t blame him for it though I personally would’ve preferred a stronger cheese.


Having travelled so far (all of 20 mins on the tube, a trying journey in every sense of the word), it would be remiss of us not to try the vegetarian option, the Disco Veg Bun. To my surprise, It was my highlight. The “burger” was bursting with flavour from the first bite and just kept getting better. It was wonderfully balanced – the field mushrooms and brie came together like they were long-lost soul mates. It does get a bit messy once the melted cheese got hold of the bun, but overall, it’s a cracker.


Having eaten the meal in conditions akin to a sauna, we rounded the meal with the Disco Sundae – raspberry ripple ice cream with a strawberry sauce topped with fresh berries and smashed shortbread. The pudding was well put together and while it tasted like ice cream, it had a smooth texture I can only compare to frozen yogurt. A fantastic way to finish a great meal.


Final thoughts on the meal? It was delicious from top to bottom with each dish getting better as the night wore on. Couple that with the novel surroundings and a bit of skating and you’ve got an awesome night just waiting for you.




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