Feast London – I love your food, but I don’t get the entry fee

I’m going to start with a bit of a grizzle – I love street food, and I love the idea of street markets selling street deliciousness, but I object to having to pay to get into said market. Street food is supposed to be both delicious and simple. It’s about stripping away the extraneous and focusing on the food… Which is why I don’t understand charging £9 (plus booking fee) to get into Brick Lane Yard so you can have the Street Food experience. Am I just being cheap, or does it kinda miss the point?

image (4)

Whinge out of the way, having to pay for entry does provide a surefire solution to the infamous Patty and Bun queue. How long did I have to wait? Less than 5 minutes between walking straight up to the friendly counter-person (complete with napkin warning: “you will need them”) and receiving my freshly prepared package of awesomeness. I think there was a bit of pre-cooking going on – patties seemed to be cooked when they hit the grill to accept their cheesy topping. A quick go under the grill baste cover with a little steam melts the cheese – toppings and you’re away. This is definitely the juiciest burger I’ve eaten in London.

image (5)

For now, subject to further testing and comparison, I’m putting it at the top.

image (10)

Back for a second course, and I had two things in mind: Corn-dogs from Mishkins (all-beef tastiness, but a little steep at £4 for a kiddie-sized portion) and Mac and Cheese from Anna Mae’s. Sadly, my Mac and Cheese experience was the biggest disappointment of the evening – mostly because I didn’t get any. I stood in line like a good little Brit, patiently waiting my turn to order. No-one at the booth thought it would be a good idea to communicate with the line to tell them that they’d run out. By the time I got to the front, the guy looked at me like an idiot because I hadn’t been told that the Mac and Cheese was done (You need to lift your game on line management guys). However, the lack of the main event opened up stomach space for a dessert – deep fried Oreos. Despite screams of outrage from future me, I took the plunge and was richly rewarded. Deep fried Oreos are delicious – and not as overpoweringly sweet as you’d expect. Try them!

image (9)

At this point, I was on a roll bigger than those under my chin,but given the damage had already been done, why stop now?. Onward to Mike and Ollie for one of their delicious slow cooked lamb wraps. I loved it the first time, but second  time around ended up being even better, leaving me wishing I had got two.

image (6)

Heartbroken, I ventured to Big Apple Hotdogs to drown my sorrows with one of their Huge Poles (giggle).  It’s like when I try to count to 70 and I still chuckle every time I get to 69. Look, I am sure we all do it right? Right?!?! Sorry. Back to food…the dog was delicious as always and it felt good knowing I was actually eating pork as opposed to whatever horsemeat is in the sausages at my local Tesco these days.

image (8)

I never thought I’d ever admit this but sometimes, under the right very rare circumstances, sharing food is a good thing (at this point, my inner only child is throwing a big tantrum). Just when I thought I was done for the night, I caught a glimpse of the one and only Yum Bun. I couldn’t. There is just no more stomach space for it. I couldn’t possibly fit this in.  And yet, moments later, I found myself with Fish bun and a Pork bun in hand with no idea where I was going to put them. Fear not, as T graciously (and rather quickly), stepped in to lend a helping hand (and appetite). What can be said about Yum Bun that hasn’t ready been said? It was like biting into a cloud. Lesson learned, there is ALWAYS room for Yum Bun.

image (7)

Overall, Feast London was, as expected, an excellent event and it was wonderful to see all the traders out in full force and selling well. Aided by the eventual arrival of the much-fabled UK summer, there was a real positive buzz around the venue and there is no doubt we’ll be coming back.

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B and KS

Patty & Bun on Urbanspoon Square Meal
Yum Bun on Urbanspoon Square Meal


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