Wimbledon – they do food there

So in visiting Wimbledon, I thought “Why not do a little post on the food.” Now my Wimbledon experience was as “of the proles” as Wimbledon gets. No corporate hospitality here, I arrived before 7 and queued for £16 ground passes. I was fortunate enough to go on a day when seats on Courts 2 and 3 were unreserved, and got much closer to the action than expected (Note the stylish and perfectly poised line judge).Wimbledon - Tennis

Anyway – to the food. Could “The Grill” turn out a decent burger and chips? Things started well when I spotted the Waffle Fries (Note to KS – we need to buy a Mandolin so we can try these). Sadly, while there was a hint of crisp, the overwhelming experience could better be described as “a little greasy and lacking in bite – could try harder.”

As for the main event, I have to say I had a glimmer of hope (even despite my better half pointing out that the burgers had probably been sitting under heat lamps for some time – which explained the state of the lettuce). You can see from the picture that they’ve decided not to take any chances of the burger being under-cooked. If I had to describe it (which I do, because I’m writing this, otherwise, what’s the point?) I’d have to go with “a little dry, but not a completely awful experience.” It definitely exceeded expectations for an event burger.

Wimbledon - Burger

I would have gone for the perfect Wimbledon accompaniment, the Pimms Cup, but at £7.50 per plastic cup, I wasn’t sold on the idea. So I went with cider. You now know that I am cheap and have little imagination.

Next, on to the classic. The institution. The Strawberries and Cream. Thanks to a major tournament sponsor, I saved myself £2.50 and got dessert for free. And what can you say about them? They’re strawberries (which were tasty, but nothing spectacular) and cream – In a pottle which I could awkwardly hold in front of the big screen at Henman Hill Aorangi Terrace (Tumeke! – though I prefer “Murray Mound” purely for giggles). I feel like I ticked a box. I guess I wasn’t expecting a mind-blowing culinary experience… Expectations met.

Wimbledon - Strawberries



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